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How to play

At Hollywood Clubs, we try our absolute best to make Bingo an enjoyable experience. If you are a first-timer or need a refresher, please scroll down and read our step by step guide on how to play Bingo with us!

1. Get your Bingo tickets.

Before the bingo session starts, purchase your electronic pad or paper bingo tickets from one of our lovely staff at the reception area.


Each game will have a different color, so pay attention to the announcement made by the Caller regarding which page you should be playing, for example, pink page, red page, etc.


2. Understanding your Bingo ticket.

Click below to find out how to use your Electronic Pad or Paper Bingo Ticket.

3. Know what you're playing for.

The Caller will announce whether you are playing for a line across, two lines across, or a full house.

Look at the pictures below for examples of each win.

Examples of wins.

Single Line Win.png

1 Line Win

2 Line win.png

2 Line Win

Full House.png

Full House!

4. Starting the game.

Once you understand your pad or your paper ticket, the caller will make it extremely easy to follow along. 

As the caller is announcing numbers, if you are using a paper ticket, make sure you mark as you go along and make sure you're only marking on one whole page e.g. the blue page or the pink page. The caller will make it clear which page you are on.

If you are using an electronic pad, it will be easy for you to follow along as the pad will automatically mark the numbers for you!



If you complete the winning pattern on your ticket (whether it's a line, two lines, or a full house), make sure to call out "BINGO!" loudly and clearly or alert the Caller. Once they have verified your win you can claim your prize! But be quick, if the caller has started announcing another number, you may not get the win...

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