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How to use your electronic pad.

Here is your step-by-step guide on how to use our electronic pads. The more favorable way to play bingo in our clubs.

Before using your pad.

To get started with our electronic pads, simply become a member of our club! It's easy and free. Join online or in person today!

To log into the pad, you will need your membership number. This will be on your card at the bottom next to the barcode. It should start with '00' followed by 6 numbers.



Club Number

Membership Card Example:

Membership Card_edited.png

Membership Number

1. Logging into your electronic pad.

Enter Membership Number.png

Enter your membership number including the '00'.

Enter PIN Number.png

Enter your PIN number. If it is the first time you are logging in, this will be automatically set to your birthday (DDMM)

Electronic Pad Welcome Screen.png

Success! You have now logged into our electronic pad and can start enjoying bingo with us.

2. Understanding Your Homepage.

Check out your account details here! You can view your purchased books, account history, promotions, and even change your PIN.

Home Screen.png
Home Screen.png

Add credit to your electronic pad here to play table top cash & prize bingo during the intervals.

When you're away from your table, you can lock your pad using this button.

Home Screen.png

Want more fun? You can play our fruit machines via our electronic pads!

Home Screen.png
Home Screen.png

Play interval Cash Bingo here!

The main event! This is where your games will be played. Make sure to have this open when the game is on.

You can also buy extra bingo packs or tickets here using the credit in your account.

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