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Learn How to Add Credit to your Pad.

To enjoy cash and table-top cash & prize bingo virtually during our intervals, top up your electronic pad's credit. It's easy! Scroll down to see how simple it is.

Since our tables can only take coins, you can exchange your notes by holding then up and one of our lovely members of staff will exchange it for you!


Alternatively, there's a change machine in the foyer if you prefer to do it yourself.

Home Screen.png

Once you click on the 'Add Credit' button in the navigation menu, you'll land on this page.

Add Credit.png

Click the button that says 'Attach' and it will prompt you to enter your table number.

Your table number will be displayed next to the red button. In this case, it is '35'.

Once you input this number into your pad, it will sync up, allowing you to conveniently top up your credit right from your table!

Please note!!!

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