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We're HOLLYWOOD CLUBS, an independent bingo company that celebrates the things that make BINGO great!

What makes us different.

We skip online bingo because, to us, the essence of bingo lies in gathering with friends around a table, eagerly shouting 'BINGO!' upon winning. It's about the lively atmosphere, the opportunity to enjoy a meal and a drink while playing, and the comfort of having a destination to unwind, whether it's day or night. Our clubs in Hednesford and Felling encapsulate this ethos, offering the quintessential bingo experience, fostering connections seven days a week.

Our Story.

In 2008, Andrew Reilly embarked on a new chapter after years of managing some of the largest bingo clubs globally. His vision was clear: to establish his own bingo hall, one that prioritised traditional paper or electronic pad gaming. Yet, beyond the game itself, his goal was to create venues that became vibrant community centers, offering locals a safe haven for leisure and enjoyment.

This aspiration came to fruition with the transformation of an aging Hednesford drill hall into the now infamous Hollywood Club. Named in honor of Andrew's father, affectionately known as 'Hollywood' for his talent on the ballroom floor, this venue embodied Andrew's vision.

Subsequently, the original drill hall gave way to a more fitting establishment bearing the Hollywood moniker: a purpose-built, flat-floor bingo and social club nestled in the heart of Hednesford town.

Hednesford Bingo Hall

Our Story.

For over a decade, with a dedicated team, Hollywood Clubs has operated daily in Hednesford and Felling, drawing in hundreds of players, awarding thousands in prize money, and serving up countless rounds of refreshments each week—all in the name of authentic bingo enjoyment.

It's been an exhilarating journey, and here's to many more fun-filled years ahead.


Our Story.

Following the lockdown, we're diligently working to regain our footing in the bingo sector. The past three years have posed significant challenges for everyone involved in bingo, with managing clubs feeling notably more straightforward in the pre-lockdown era. Nonetheless, our dedicated staff and management are doing an exceptional job each day, ensuring our members leave our fantastic club with smiles on their faces.

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